about secureall

SecureALL was founded with the charter of dramatically improving safety and security for businesses, and at the same time allow them to dramatically reduce operating expenses.

The Company spent two years working closely with the market to ensure all requirements and pain points were fully understood before staring the technical design. The current SecureALL product being offered is a direct result of that roadmap, diligently incorporating all the desired functionality.

Not only does the SecureALL system control and monitor access to every door on a campus from one centralized computer system, but it provides a myriad of other needed safety related functions, no other company has been able to integrate into a single system.

When compared to other security systems on the market, SecureALL has been able to reduce acquisition, installation, operating and maintenance expenses, especially exorbitant costs of rekeying traditional locks.

Because of the proactive nature of the SecureALL technology, it mitigates many of the business costs associated with theft, vandalism, and life threats. These liability costs, including insurance premiums and lawsuits, can be dramatically reduced.

SecureALL's vision is to continually extend product offerings defined by the market, and especially those business partners that have been instrumental in shaping the business to date.

SecureALL is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. With patent pending, extreme low-power communication technology, keys and door-lock batteries have a 5+ year lifetime. The company does all of its development and manufacturing within California with the intent of helping out the state and US economies.

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