SecureALL Corporation has an executive team with over 150 years of experience in the microelectronics arena.

Richard Schaffzin, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Dr. Rick Schaffzin is a serial entrepreneur and pioneer of state of the art technologies. He has dedicated his career to developing products that help both people and society, such as the first solid state airbag sensor, sensors for the commercial aircraft traffic collision avoidance system [TCAS], first variable heart rate sensor pacemaker, first satellite radio ground equipment, improved tank controls for scuba diving, first integrated chips for flat panel displays, and extreme high speed internet security.

He has taken this experience, coupled with the crucial societal need, to develop the most innovative and cost effective security system on the market today.

Prior to starting SecureALL, Rick was President and CEO of ServGate Corporation, a developer of very high-speed internet security appliances. Before, he was President and General Manager of the SatCom Division of CPI, a maker of ground equipment for communicating with voice, video and data satellites. He also served as President & CEO of Paradise Electronics and IC Sensors Corporations.

He has Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cornell, a Masters degree in Solid State Physics from M.I.T., and both a MBA and PhD in International Finance from Santa Clara University.

Arun Sharma, Chief Technical Officer

Arun comes to SecureALL with an exceptional breadth of technical capability, including complex system design, analog and digital circuit design, high level and embedded processor language programming, GHz antenna design and encryption technology.

Most recently, Arun was Director of Systems and Software Solutions at Asyst Technologies. Before that, he worked at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), ST Microelectronics and HP in various engineering management roles.

David Candee, Vice President of Manufacturing

Dave is a Senior Mechanical Engineer with extensive experience in "designing for manufacturability" having successfully transferred dozens of electronic products from R&D into full production. He has a broad network of subcontract suppliers, both on and offshore.

Prior to joining SecureALL, Dave was Senior Manufacturing Engineer at ServGate, Crystal Image, Promex and IC Sensors Corporation. He has a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Devry Technical College and is an expert in SolidWorks, a 3-D CAD program.

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