secureall system

Reader Feature Summary
  • 5 year battery life w/ 1 second beacon
  • Variable distance activation
  • Wireless system connectivity
  • Real-time access recording
  • Multi-lock and device integration
  • Individual reader encryption
  • Tamper detection alarm
  • < 15 second lockdown
  • High function, small footprint architecture
  • Real-time theft detection
  • Reverse lockdown capability
  • No interference with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
Reader Benefits Summary
  • Totally distributed system
  • Access decisions are server independent
  • Centralized user profile downloads
  • One reader: all doors, gates, devices
  • Superior personal safety protection
  • Theft expense reduction
  • Low cost retrofit flexibility
  • Scalable functions with little added expense
  • No licensing fees
  • Reduced insurance premium opportunity
  • Maximum safety & security with minimum expense
  • No high cost power & data lines
  • Current installed wireless systems need no modification

SecureALL’s wireless door readers work in conjunction with hands-free U-Keys to unlock and, in some cases, automatically open doors, gates and garages without the hassle of presenting a key or pushing a button. For almost all indoor applications, the SecureALL door reader operates on 4 AA batteries, thus keeping installation cost to a bare minimum as power and data lines are not required. Each reader contains all the intelligence necessary to determine whether an individual should be allowed access. Once the allowed U-Key IDs are wirelessly downloaded from the server, the reader becomes an autonomous unit. The SecureALL system is totally distributed, not depending on main power to operate.

Because the reader unit is wirelessly controlled, if there is some type of terror threat or other emergency on a campus, with a single key stroke, central security can initiate a real-time lockdown, protecting those that are inside. The system administrator can determine the breadth of the lockdown: by room, floor, building, or campus-wide. Another unique feature of the SecureALL system is referred to as a "reverse" lockdown. If people are trapped in a building as a result of fire or other natural disaster and available exits are blocked, central security can remotely unlock all doors in the building, thus allowing egress that may not be ordinarily available.

Communication to the reader is completely wireless and multi-layer encrypted to ensure codes cannot be sniffed. The code within a reader is also protected through encryption and if there is any hacking activity taking place, a new encryption key can be wirelessly downloaded immediately, negating all the hacking effort to date. Each reader unit also has its own encryption key and code so even if a lock is decoded, it will allow access to only that portal.

SecureALL offers two options for doors. The SecureALL lock has been designed to replace a standard key lock within 15 minutes, making retrofits extremely simple. It can also replace other non-centrally controlled electronic door locks. SecureALL also offers a retrofit kit that will allow Onity hardware to continue to be used but incorporate all of the SecureALL functionality at a reduced cost. This offering is known as the SecureALL Aftermarket Full-function Retrofit (SAFR) system.

SecureALL readers can also be easily retrofitted into a number of commonly used commercial gate controllers and garage door openers.

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