secureall features

Staff Activity Monitoring
  • Verifies U-Key holder compliance with business rules
  • Business rules defined by time frames and location
  • U-Key holder noncompliance alarm and reporting
  • Internal and external building capability
  • Visual mapping availability
  • Ensures personnel compliance with performance requirements
  • Enables proactive management intervention to critical situations
  • Prevents high-risk injury, security and safety violations
  • Implements facility-wide monitoring
  • Optimizes efficient utilization of resources

Although the SecureALL system could be considered “big brother” by some, as it affords an organization’s administration an extra set of eyes and ears that it does not currently have, it is envisioned that only when there are out-of-control situations will some of the available features be utilized.

For example, “business rules” for acceptable conduct can be determined by management and programmed into the system. The tracker feature can be turned on and, in conjunction with U-Keys carried by staff members, used to ensure that performance objectives are being met. Attendance can be measured without the need for time cards. How many hours an individual spends at their assigned work station can be logged and reported to management if it is sub-par. Critical operations that must be performed at specific times of the day can be silently confirmed. And most importantly, if any high-risk activity or safety violations are occurring, these can be proactively shut down before major damage occurs.

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