secureall features

Tailgate Detection & Alarm
  • Detection of non U-Key holders following those with allowed access through a portal
  • U-Keys and physical bodies are compared
  • Detection of non U-Key holders triggers alarm
  • Camera activation photographs tailgater and forwards picture to central safety
  • Anti-passback assures unauthorized dual access
  • Major source of personal injury abated
  • Major source of theft abated
  • New level of safety & security provided
  • Superior performance over other systems
  • Personal injury expense minimized
  • Major cost reduction from theft & vandalism

A major shortcoming of most access control systems available today is the ability of an individual to gain access to a building by closely following another person when they open a door. Once inside the building, they are able to harm residents and can steal or vandalize at will. The SecureALL system has the ability to count the number of wireless electronic keys that enter a building and compare it against the number of physical bodies which walk through a door. If there is a difference in the count, an alarm is set off and a camera activated to take a picture of those people who do not belong. This information is relayed to central security who can dispatch officers and prevent any potential damage.

SecureALL is currently developing a state of the art facial recognition system that will be able to identify if an individual enters a building with an electronic key that does not belong to them.

Anti-passback is also an option with the SecureALL system. This prevents an individual from entering a building and tossing their key out a window to another user. The key cannot be reused until the first individual exits the building.

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