secureall system

Tracker Feature Summary
  • Multiple directional antennas
  • Internal & external tracking
  • Supplemental camera activation
  • Supplemental alarm activation
  • Enhanced router functionality
  • Extreme low power communication
Tracker Benefits Summary
  • Complex-wide precise location tracking
  • Blind spots eliminated
  • Real time evacuation management
  • Asset theft detection & tracking
  • Cell phone & email alarm capability
  • Real-time safety management & control
  • Minimal installation & maintenance expense

The tracker is similar to SecureALL's router product. It is ceiling mounted but has very directional antennas, which allow it to pinpoint the location of a U-Key within a facility, eliminating the problem of not knowing on which floor a person is located. This is extremely important in the event of a natural disaster (i.e. fire, flood, earthquake, etc) and will allow emergency rescue teams to go directly to the location of an individual, avoiding the wasted time required by a room-to-room search. This will clearly be a lifesaver when rescue time is short. Many facilities will choose to turn on tracking capability only in the event of an emergency. Building maps can be installed in the system for ease of resident location. Supplemental video cameras can also be activated when pre-defined conditions occur and alarms emailed or texted to appropriate personnel.

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